Well that was my thirties. Beautiful, fun, life-changing, hideous, painful, purposeful and completely unexpected in almost every way imaginable. I document things so that I don’t forget, so that my son might understand things for himself one day, and perhaps because I regret not preserving more of what we had together when we started our life out as a little family. So here’s a brief summary of my last decade in words and pictures, probably for myself as much as anyone else.

30 Fun

31 Unconditional love

32 Joy

33 Pleasure, progress and then unimaginable pain

34 Achievement through adversity

35 Withdrawal and emptiness

36 Purpose

37 Determination

38 Acceptance

39 Abundance

Today I feel like the lucky one for having got this far. Now let’s hope the next ten years prove as interesting if just a touch less testing.

3 thoughts on “LIFE BEGINS AGAIN AT 40

  1. You have so much to be grateful for – your son is a credit to you, here’s to the next 10 years building memories with your boy x


  2. Here’s to the future, may you find new love, new life and new happiness. Your son will grow and so must you, never tie your life to what was past. Anyone who loved you would want you to find new paths to your happiness to being a better person because they were in your life, somone who is always ready to try new things and go on…


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